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Hello, my name is Loreen Olney. I’ve tried to stay out of the fray and remain silent in hopes that the issues I've been experiencing would resolve themselves, but I have been left with no choice in the matter. Due to the number of women who have reached out to me for advice because they think they are competing in the pageant I own, Continental Worldwide, but are actually competing in US Continental (USC); and due to the confusion that the owners of the US Continental brand are attempting to create regarding their pageant and mine, I decided it was time for me to set the record straight. As you can see from the pictures on this page, I am a former Ms. US Continental as well as a former Mrs. US Continental. Additionally, I served as national director and ran the national USC pageant in Utah for a number of years. However, despite what you may have heard from Barbara and John Lugo, I do not own and have never owned the USC pageant that takes place in Florida. That pageant belongs to the Lugos, with whom I worked (unpaid) for nearly two decades. After years of them treating the women I sent to participate in their pageant poorly, and treating volunteers poorly, I decided to create my own pageant brand, Continental Worldwide.

To answer some questions:

Yes, I have a business license and own the US Continental brand in the state of Utah - both of which, I am letting go. I do not, have not, will not and will never again hold a US Continental pageant in Utah. That is the distant past, which I have tried to put behind me for nearly a year. The Lugos seem unwilling to allow me to move on for reasons I cannot explain, and seem determined to create confusion between our two brands, which I also cannot explain. I've done nothing to them other than cease working with them and forge my own path. If you need evidence of their intentional attempts to create confusion, the USC pageant purchased a URL very similar to mine - only off by ONE letter - and pointed it to their site. My URL is ContinentalWorldwidePageant.com. The similar URL they purchased is ContinentalWorldwidePageantS.com. I have no doubt they are using that URL to market their pageant as mine. Additionally, I was texted an image last night. It seems they are using elements of my trademarked logo to cause confusion (see image with circled logo element), which is truly deceptive and clearly malicious. I confirmed that Pageant Planet had nothing to do with this graphic, which was posted on April 8, 2022 for International Pageant Day.

No, my pageant is not the next step up in the US Continental system. If you have been told that if you win the USC pageant, that you will progress to the Continental Worldwide Pageant, you have sadly been misled. I apologize for that. If you have questions, you are welcome to email me. My email address is below.

Yes, the USC instagram page did change to my pageant brand overnight. That is because it was my page from its inception, and has never been under the management of the owners or staff/volunteers of the USC pageant. When my pageant brand changed, so did the Instagram account. The existing USC Instagram page was also created by me. I migrated all the USC posts and images that were present on my IG page to the new IG page and then turned it over to the reigning 2021 USC queens to manage. This took me hours, but I felt it was the right thing to do.

Yes, I do own this URL at which this landing page is parked and the reason for that is simple: I purchased this URL in 2005 because I built the very first US Continental web site, which I used to promote the national pageant when I was running it in Utah; 12 YEARS before the Lugos purchased their URLs and built their web site. I still own the URL because it auto-renewed in October last year, which was a mistake. I intended to let it go as well, but with everything going on in my life, it was a small detail I neglected to address. Ultimately, I believe it was providence because now I have an online home where I can set the record straight regarding my involvement with the USC brand.

The Continental Worldwide Pageant is in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center July 28th to the 30th. If you are interested in competing, you can learn more HERE. If you would like to watch, we are live streaming the event at 6:30 PM on July 30th. More information will be on the Continental Worldwide Pageant web site in the coming weeks.

I hope this clears things up! And, if you have any questions, you are more than welcome to email me.



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